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Welcome to Vision Expo West 2021

We would like to extend our show pricing to everyone we would have met in person. Submit the form to get exclusive event pricing. 

To learn more, come meet the iCare team at stand #F5043 in the focus neighborhood of the VEW Expo hall. 

iCare Imaging Systems

iCare’s range of cutting-edge fundus imaging devices provides unique confocal-based technology and captures ultra-high-quality, detail-rich images. Learn more about our available imaging devices below or visit our stand #F5043 to speak with our team directly.



EIDON AF, with Autofluorescence capability, is the natural evolution of EIDON TrueColor Confocal Scanner. 60° Autofluorescence images for the assessment of the Retinal Pigment Epithelium (RPE) are now available, integrated in EIDON technology. Ease of use and automation make this device essential in enhancing clinical imaging capabilities.



EIDON is the first TrueColor Confocal Scanner ever designed, that is the first system to combine the advantages of SLO with the fidelity of true color fundus imaging, setting new performance standards in retinal imaging. Color fidelity and wide field of view, with small pupil and also through cataract, are among the most interesting features of this device.



DRSplus confocal fundus imaging system uses white LED illumination to produce TrueColor and detail-rich 45° images, setting a new effective and efficient standard of Retinal Imaging. DRSplus Confocal Technology permits imaging through pupils as small as 2.5 mm, speeding up the examination time while ensuring a comfortable patient experience.



COMPASS is the first Fundus Automated Perimeter on the market which combines Visual Field measurement to TrueColor Confocal Imaging of the optic disc and RNFL, a big evolution in clinical Glaucoma management. This structure-function correlation and Real Time Retinal Tracking make this device the only one of its kind.

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See how the DRSplus can revolutionize patient-friendly retinal imaging at your office.


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I can see detail like never before. I love my EIDON and its ultra-HD images. You will as well.
Dr Peter Wilcox OD