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Exclusive Pricing for Show Attendees

We would like to extend our show pricing to everyone we would have met in person. Make sure to ask your rep 0% financing on ic100 and ic200 clinical tonometers. 



The Professional's Choice

The Icare® ic100 is based on a rebound measuring principle that requires no drops, air or specialized skills for its use. This device uses patented rebound technology to measure intraocular pressure.  Its light-weight probe makes momentary contact with the cornea. Icare's proprietary algorithm coupled with state-of-the-art software allows the device to evaluate deceleration, contact time and other motion parameters of the probe when it touches the cornea.  The premium design and user interface brings IOP measuring to a higher level.

Icare- LP  Ic200 2



The ic200 is fully portable, requires no anesthetic and its positional freedom allows measuring whether the patient is sitting, supine or in an elevated position. A light indicator at the probe base confirms your positioning of the tonometer prior to measurement. A green light indicates the measurement will be reliable, a red light indicates incorrect positioning.



IOP self-measuring

The Icare® HOME tonometer is based on a rebound measuring principle that eye care professionals have come to trust.  It is one of the first methods for 24HR monitoring outside normal clinic hours which may help identify IOP variations and spikes.

Self-tonometry with the Icare® HOME is designed to gather additional IOP information by the patient.  The device records IOP, date, time, eye and a quality score which is not displayed to the patient.  The data is retrieved by a health care provider via Icare® CLINIC software.

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IOP Measurements without air or drops

See how the rebound measuring principle is changing the way professionals measure IOP.

I am a big fan of the Icare tonometer! It provides a quick and accurate IOP measurement along with reducing pretesting time.
Dr Bryan Holman