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Oculo and iCare

iCare USA’s parent company Revenio has announced its acquisition of
Oculo, an Australian company dedicated to telehealth, remote patient monitoring, and clinical communications. Oculo’s software platform allows doctors to securely and instantly communicate and exchange clinical correspondence -- such as patient referrals and requests for reports, enabling faster, more efficient patient care. 

iCare has the pleasure of introducing Oculo to the U.S. just as the Australian clinical communications company has fully integrated its newest feature – telemedicine – into its platform. 

What is Oculo?

The Oculo platform bridges data silos in healthcare by allowing doctors to share valuable patient information such as imaging, test results, reports, and referrals instantly and securely, regardless of location or EMR. 

Oculo’s user-friendly and reliable telemedicine platform has been a benefit to eye care providers who’ve had access to it during these unprecedented times when quarantine and social distancing mandates often made appointment scheduling challenging.

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