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iCare Now has Retinal Imaging 

TrueColor Confocal Imaging Systems

iCare’s range of cutting-edge fundus imaging devices provides unique confocal-based technology and captures ultra-high-quality, detail-rich images. EIDON and DRSplus models offer the advantage of TrueColor imaging and multiple modalities for images with higher accuracy. The devices are fully automated, easy to operate, intuitive and require minimal staff training — Allowing for reduced waiting time, efficient workflow, improved patient comfort and experience


iCare Rebound tonometry

No Drops, No Air, and No Calibration

iCare tonometers use a patented rebound technology for quick and reliable intraocular pressure (IOP) measurements. The ergonomic design and intuitive user interface ensure safe and accurate operation of the instrument. The tonometers are easy-to-use, handheld devices that require minimal training and improves clinic workflow. iCare also provides a home tonometer for self-measurement by the patient.