The Gold Standard of  Rebound Tonometry 

Learn how iCare has set the Gold Standard for over 20 years. 

The Original Developers

For over two decades, iCare has been at the forefront of rebound tonometry, revolutionizing the way the world measures intraocular pressure (IOP). With over 130,000 rebound tonometers sold in over 100 countries. See for yourself why iCare is the Gold Standard of rebound tonometry.

IC100 300x200-1

iCare IC200

  • New! Quick Measure
  • No corneal disruption
  • Proper alignment indicator
  • Supine, reclined and seated use
IC200 300x200-2

iCare IC100

  • Accurate and repeatable
  • No corneal disruption
  • Suitable for all patients
  • Automated Measurement Sequence

iCare HOME2

  • 24-hour at-home use for Patients
  • No corneal disruption
  • Real-world data
  • Supine, reclined and seated use

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Watch How We Became the Gold Standard

Over 20 Years of Innovation

iCare revolutionized the eye care industry over 20 years ago with a groundbreaking innovation — rebound tonometry. Since its inception, iCare’s rebound tonometer has been a game-changer. Providing an easy, trustworthy, and patient-friendly method of measuring intraocular pressure (IOP), the iCare tonometer has paved the way for a new era in eye care.

iCare Gold Seal

What Doctors Are Saying!

"iCare ushered in breakthrough technology of Rebound Tonometry which has revolutionized quick, easy tonometric acquisition and has established itself as the gold standard technology of rebound technology."

Ron Melton, OD, FAAO
Randall Thomas, OD, PPH, FAAO