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 iCare COMPASS® is an automated perimeter combined with an active retinal tracker and a scanning ophthalmoscope. This advanced technology provides retinal sensitivity and fixation analysis, as well as TrueColor Confocal imaging of the retina.

  • New! SmartMosaic feature offering wider TrueColor retinal images
  • New! ZEST Fast strategy decreases exam time
  • New! Smart Progression Analysis (SPA) report shows change over time

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Toby Tyson MD

“I think that the iCare COMPASS reproducibility really aids in both accuracy and assessment of disease progression. When you have a change, you know that it really exists where it is. It's not some artifact of testing. That’s very important.”

- Toby Tyson, MD


The advantage of Automated Tracked Perimetry

Fundus-controlled perimetry is a technique that images the retina during visual field testing, enabling a reliable correlation to be made between visual function and retinal structure. Retinal tracking is at the heart of this function.

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